No corrosion – water is left out

In connection with the car shell, highest production quality of adhesive bonds and sealing off of seems at the parts manufacturing and parts installation stages is in much demand – chiefly for avoiding corrosion. Folded edges need to be sealed off carefully to prevent the ingress of water also in the long term. These requirements apply in all cases where hollow volumes and undercuts are involved, like for example in the roof area but also in the case of the A as well as B pillars.


Extremely short possessing times are attained through robot based adhesive bonding and seam sealing with adhesive technology systems from Bielenberg. Sealing of an undercut may even amount to less than 2 mm in the case of thin jet spraying. Wider seams, however, are applied using the airless flat stream process.

Through a smart control of the supply lines from the pump station the dosing unit, very short response times are possible. In coordination with the dosing unit, this being the centrepiece of the system, fast and reproducible spray patterns are produced.




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