Laser seam seals of a welded tailgate

Small beam method

The small beam method is utilised to apply to the component minute adhesive beads ensuring the same seam height and width. The small beam method is already being used in the manufacture of vehicle body shells where folded edges are sealed. Here at high advance speeds always a constant width of the sealed seam can be attained. Depending on the specifics of the component, the quantity of the applied adhesive can be queried, respectively checked and, if necessary, corrected by a simple cycle quantity check.

By means of the nozzle system developed by Eisenmann intec, laser seam sealing of a welded tailgate can be implemented with an adhesive bead diameter of less than 2 mm.

Wide slot application for deadening

Wide slot application method

In adhesives technology, wide slot nozzles ensure dispensing of support adhesives or filler adhesives as well as silencing materials on large surfaces. The wide slot nozzles equipped with automatic low-wear high-pressure ball valves are available in dispensing widths up to 200 mm whereby these may be adapted to the specific kind of application.

This method is utilised in the automotive industry to apply deadening materials to components where no offset is allowed between the applied lengths. For this reason precision in series production is also indispensable in connection with the wide slot application method.

Spiral spraying onto a component used in the electronics industry

Spiral spraying

In spiral spraying, large surfaces can be coated with adhesive in a single step and at high advance speeds. Reproducible spray patterns are created under full temperature control. The patented volume dosing system (first in/first out) from intec prevents the material which is being processed from remaining longer than necessary in the dosing unit. A constant material flow makes for rapid production processes.

Adhesive bead application of a 2K adhesive

Adhesive bead application method

Through precisely controlled feeding in of the adhesive, constant adhesive beads are produced. Such beads are required in fully automatic precision laser seam sealing as well for as manual application of support adhesives. The quality of an adhesive bead decides in the end as to the quality of the adhesive bond. Volume accuracy of the adhesive bead is ensured through precisely matched system technology from intec. In addition optical quality assurance devices can be built in, because besides the dosing system also the type of component feed and the programmed robot track can have an influence on the produced adhesive bead. This optical quality assurance system compares by means of a camera system the position of the applied adhesive bead with the positioning defined before so that a direct assessment will be possible.

intec multipoint dispensing system


The multipoint adhesive application method offers rapid and precise application of support and filler adhesives in the manufacture of vehicles. Here the adhesive is applied at multiple points.

Airless/flat stream

The flat stream method is being used more and more in field of adhesive dispensing technology and is seeing besides adhesive bead dispensing and the small beam method more and more use worldwide. By means of custom nozzles, different dispensing patterns can be implemented individually. Because of this, the flat stream method offers a high degree of flexibility. It is perfect for sealing sheet edges within a vehicle, for example. The single or multiple dispensing heads guarantee optimum sealing of the car body in connection with a six axis robot controller.



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