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In many industrial fields it is necessary to join components of the same or different material. This can be implemented by adapting the series production bonding technology to the specific kind of application. Whether adhesive, sealing material or other high viscosity media need to be applied – Eisenmann intec systems are made to match the respective kind of application while remaining flexible and extensible.

Systems from Eisenmann intec are being used worldwide by leading industrial vendors. From the pump stand via running of lines to the dosing tip, the products are not only developed for, but also with the customer.

The “carefree package” fulfils from the planning stage through the manufacturing stage up to commissioning the highest quality requirements. As an innovative and reliable partner, Eisenmann intec is well renowned in the automotive industry through hundreds of successful projects. There were system technology needs to operate on the long-term, rapidly and precisely, renowned OEMs rely on system solutions from Eisenmann intec.


Adhesive bead application

Eisenmann intec The degree of automation may differ widely depending on the specific application and the industrial branch. The engineers from Eisenmann intec shall be pleased to offer their assistance working out the optimum solution for your requirements. Adhesive technology is entering almost all fields. Examples are adhesive joining and sealing of household appliances (white goods), the sector of construction machines, mechanical engineering and further industrial fields. In the aircraft industry about 90% (!) of all joints of the Airbus A380 rely on adhesives.

An example for a system capable of covering numerous industrial fields is the compact flexible dosing system (FDS) for processing reactive 2K systems like polyurethane, epoxy resins, adhesives, sealants, silicone materials, reaction injection moulding (RIM) systems etc., for example.

The continuous and discontinuous multi-component mixing and dosing system combines precision, repeatability, quality and economic efficiency.

• Compact construction – extremely versatile
• First-class precision – precise dosing
• Closed loop control with flow throughput measurement
• High flexibility as to the selection of the mixing head
• Extremely rugged and economic
• For manual, partially and fully automated production processes
• Dosing performance ranging from <1 l/min to >20 l/min
• Also suited for larger viscosity differences



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    The flexible dosing system FDS – the compact performer for processing reactive 2K systems. › more Info