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Precisely fitting functionality

The increased reliance on adhesive bonding technology in the manufacture of vehicles continues. The engineering possibilities offered by adhesive bonding today far exceed the functionality of simple joining. Adhesive bonding is decisive also in sealing operations against corrosive influences, as is an improved stiffness of the joins. The joins are, in contrast to welding, not exposed to heat influences and there is the possibility of joining heterogeneous materials to each other.

During assembly operations, components and prefabricated system components have to be integrated in the already assembled car body. This includes besides the windows also mirrors and mountings. Only through fully automated production steps employing high precision adhesive bonding technology systems, may vehicles be manufactured in high numbers with absolute top-quality.


Adhesive bonding of the windows offers a number of advantages. Since in the case of painted metal sheets single- and two-component polyurethane adhesives are being used, the bonded joints exhibit media resistant and vibration absorbing properties. Thus the adhesively bonded windows contribute to an improvement of the entire vehicle construction and optimise stiffness. Only by reliance on bonding technology was it in the past possible to fit windows flush to the car body. This offered not only advantages as to safety, but also improved the drag coefficient Cd.


Eisenmann intec adhesive bonding systems ensure in these fields of application precise dispensing of the adhesive, and this at a high production speeds. Here all necessary adhesive dispensing techniques can be implemented, as required during assembly.





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