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How ExACell works

ExACell performs tasks automatically as part of a seamless and fully reproducible process. An industrial robot of your choice transfers the component (such as a side impact bar) to an infrared station, where it is heated to improve polymer adhesion. At the same time, adhesive granulate is fed to the extruder screw in the application module via a funnel. The granulate is then heated and, now sufficiently ductile and easy to meter, fed to the dispenser.

The hot melt dispensing process, completed in a matter of seconds, combines high precision and reproducibility with short cycle times. Digital measurement devices in the testing module determine the shearing force of the sealing bead and verify it against defined thresholds. The results are analyzed by means of software, and displayed as graphics. Finally, the freshly applied sealing bead is checked by a vision system, and compared with a reference bead. The applied material is now dry to the touch and the component is ready for downstream processes, e.g. in the body shop. The applied sealer beads will expand by the factor 5, while the car body is passing through the e-coat oven from 150° C until 205° C.

Advantages at a glance

Significantly improved performance and quality
Fewer faults
Lower costs
Highly stable end-to-end process and excellent quality of application

The new DIN 2304 application standard

DIN 2304 defines the state of the art for adhesive-bonding processes – how they are best structured and implemented. Eisenmann intec was one of the first organizations to be certified to this recently introduced standard. As a result, the company and its adhesive-technology engineers can offer solutions that fulfill all relevant quality criteria. Certification means Eisenmann intec is now even better placed to help customers effectively meet their adhesive and sealant application requirements.





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