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Living practice – benefit from intec

Motivation and commitment are usually awoken not only after a successful graduation. You preferably show as early as possible what your strengths are, and through an excellent performance during your internship lay the best foundations already while studying for a successful start of your career with a rich perspective.

Your internship at intec
Expect to take 3 to 6 months and see what we at intec makes us different and successful. At the beginning there is an individual target agreement, and then you start allowing your ambitions to run freely. From the first day onwards you are fully integrated and can rely on committed and constant support.

You will be working as a fully accepted team member in everyday business and on projects, and will, moreover, receive varied opportunities of looking beyond the activities of your department. Make use of your opportunities at intec and surprise us with your ideas and initiatives.

Student research project at intec

The broad range of topics offered by intec is the optimum working environment for a successful final paper. When wanting to utilise all opportunities in order to obtain an excellent result, you will be most welcome at intec for a cooperation within the scope of a final paper. However, you should hand in your application at intec for your project early enough (at least four months in advance).

Ideally your student research project should be oriented along the lines of our specific fields of activity. Regardless of master thesis or diploma thesis: the clearer you are able to lay down your main emphasis, interests and aims, the better your chance will be to convince your future mentor of your undertaking. Let us at intec feel your passion, your creativity and commitment – we will then support you in the best possible way.



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