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An effective bond

In the very modern manufacture of vehicles, joining technologies involving adhesives are playing an ever more important role. Be it in the manufacture of the undercarriage, the engine compartment and the sidewalls or in roof automation, door line as well as gantry line: adhesive bonding systems from Bielenberg join parts of the raw car shell effectively together thereby offering utmost functionality and economy.

The move towards ever lighter car shells requires the inclusion of new lightweight construction materials (like plastics, magnesium, titanium and aluminium, for example) which by reliance on conventional technology like spot welding, tape welding or pressure joining cannot be comprehensively processed. Here the adhesives technology systems from Bielenberg are the first choice.

Always the best solution for the specific kind of application remains at the focus here. It are the innovative ideas which offer to the users of Eisenmann intec systems and appliances special process engineering and economic advantages. For example, combined nozzle systems for spiral and fine jet spraying as well as adhesive bead dispensing ensure flexibility and significant cost savings in the area of robot investment. Everywhere, where cycle times permit, enormous robot investment cost savings can be expected.

Eisenmann intec offers highly functional systems – from the simple manual dispensing station up to robot-guided applications – almost any desired degree of automation is possible.



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