Top-class noise comfort

Two-panel bonds or also bonds between different materials exhibiting different coefficients of expansion must offer during the entire service life of the vehicle uncompromised functional reliability for all fitted parts. Vibrations from hundred thousands of driven kilometres impose the highest requirements regarding the adhesives and the adhesives technology so elementary in the manufacture of the car body.

Imperfections might impair the strength level. Occurring residual stresses may then cause additional broken adhesive bonds when subjected to high forces with the result that fitted parts will rattle and cause noises.

Through the high precision systems from Eisenmann intec you benefit from several advantages of the reliable filling process: functional vibration absorption comes with a significant increase in the stiffness of the vehicle parts as well as an improved degree of corrosion protection. Even under extremely high cycling mechanical loads, the adhesive bond remains highly effective and is durably resistant against external influences.




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